Capucine Anav celebrates the first outing of her daughter Lola with a beautiful shot

Capucine Anav celebrates the first outing of her daughter Lola with a beautiful shot

This is a great first in the life of Capucine Anav and her daughter who has just been born, little Lola: this Saturday, November 19, 2022, the baby made her first outing! The columnist and influencer posted an adorable snapshot in an Instagram story.

Everything is going well in the best of all possible worlds for the beautiful Capucine Anav. The show’s former columnist Do not touch My TV! gave birth on November 13, 2022 of a little Lola. “Our life changed forever thanks to the somewhat hasty arrival of our princess.“, thus wrote the cousin of Magali Berdah on her Instagram account after childbirth. Lola is a long-desired child: Capucine Anav and her fiancé Victor Dumas took time to design it. Always on Instagram, Capucine Anav had even indicated that she was taking a break from her career to devote herself to her unborn baby.

She had also wanted to address tender words to her daughter, still in her womb.I have this incredible chance to share my dream of the stage with my daughter… It was just MAGIC to share this start of the tour by your side Lola, you don’t realize the memory that you will leave etched in your heart for life from your mom… Thank you especially for being an adorable little girl during this period and for giving me this chance to continue the scene and filming without ever complaining! I believe that a few weeks before your arrival, it’s time for mom to take care of you 100% and prepare you to arrive in this world so big. If you liked it, then I will continue to take you with me in my follies”she confided.

A great expedition

This Saturday, November 19, 2022, as the Christmas holidays approach, the new mum was able to take her baby girl out for the first time. Capucine Anav has indeed posted in an Instagram story a photo of the infant in a pale pink pram, wrapped in a warm blanket, headband with a large knot screwed on the head. “First outing for Lola“, can we read on the image. Something to reassure the Instagram subscribers – more than a million and a half – of the former candidate of Secret Historywho were concerned about the condition of the premature baby.

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