Cardi B complains about the cost of living, and it doesn’t pass

Cardi B complains about the cost of living, and it doesn’t pass

Cardi B been buzzing in recent hours, but not necessarily for good reasons. While the rapper should finally deliver her long-awaited new opus this year, the fact that she reacted to the almost generalized price increase is having a hard time passing, even with her fans.

Cardi B complains about price hikes

Passing through social networks, the interpreter of Bodak Yellow will have taken the opportunity to sign a diatribe on food inflation, also affecting the United States. Too bad for her, the rapper will not have put the forms there, to the point of arousing the anger of many Internet users: “It just shows me that even if you have success and money, you can end up broke because you haven’t made your budget. So when I start to see the races triple, I’m like, “Aye, what’s going on, bor***? » […] Lettuce was $2 a few months ago and now it’s $7, so obviously I’m going to react. Because if I think this situation is crazy, I can only imagine what middle-class people or people in the neighborhood think, so yeah, I’m going to talk about it. »

Despite the criticisms of her release, the artist will reiterate, convinced that her rant could help change things: “And I have a large following, so I want whoever is responsible for the f***ing awards to stop the f***ing. They will see what will happen, they will stop. So shut up your g******. »

A fan will not fail to remind her that she is obviously at the head of a fortune estimated at no less than 40 million dollars, which will not prevent her from answering: “I weigh more than that again, and guess what? If I don’t save, work, and budget, I could lose everything too. What makes you think you can’t lose everything even when you’re rich? […] I too have bills, responsibilities and people to help. »

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