Carlos Martens Bilongo rebels in “Do not touch my post”

Carlos Martens Bilongo rebels in “Do not touch my post”

VIDEO – The deputy of La France Insoumise chose the set of “TPMP” hosted by Cyril Hanouna to react to the sentence “that he (s) return (nt) to Africa” occurred at the Assembly this Thursday.

Scandal at the National Assembly this Thursday, November 3. As he spoke to discuss the fate of migrants in the Mediterranean, MP LFI-Nupes Carlos Martens Bilongo was interrupted. Grégoire de Fournas, RN deputy for Gironde, laughed “Let them go back to Africa” Where “return to Africa” according to the versions of the different witnesses. Following this intervention, Yaël Braun-Pivet, the President of the National Assembly decided to suspend the session. The entire political sphere has been reacting for several hours, but it is in “Do not touch My TVthat Carlos Martens Bilongo came to comment on the incident.

On the C8 set, the sequence of the session of questions to the government is first broadcast. Cyril Hanouna announces that he “will try to have” Grégoire de Fournas on set tomorrow for “have both versions”. Accompanied by deputies David Guiraud and Mathilde Panot, Carlos Martens Bilongo says he is “very bruised because it is a serious situation. I would not have wanted to be there, it does not make me happy to be there, I am a deputy of the Nation, I was born in France and I am referred to my skin color “.

“I was born in France, Africa I was there for a week on vacation”

Cyril Hanouna questions his guest “Is that really what you heard?” because the question of the recipient of the sentence launched by the deputy RN is very important. The response of the LFI deputy is clear: “I ask a question about SOS Méditerranée, which is rescuing people on the high seas. And they stop me and say ‘go back to Africa'”. He then asks to rebroadcast the famous sequence where we hear “that he(they) return(s) to Africa”.

He keeps on : “My question, I haven’t finished it. If it had been my colleague, he would have been able to get to the bottom of this question? We are wondering…then he adds: “not here, not in 2022, if we let this pass, Mr. Hanouna, what is tomorrow? There is no more limit“. The joke is even launched: “I was born in France, Africa I was there for a week on vacation“.

Faced with the images, the columnists of “Touche pas à mon poste” are cautious because some understand the sentence in the plural, which implies that it was not intended for the deputy Carlos Martens Bilongo, but for the boat of SOS Méditerranée. “What bothers me is that for the moment, we are judging something that has not been judged” tread carefully Matthew Delormeau. The tone rises between the deputies of La France Insoumise and the columnist because for them, whether the sentence is addressed to a deputy or to anonymous migrants, the racist gravity of the words remains the same. Carlos Martens Bilongo will even take it on live on C8: “It is Thursday 9 p.m., you have these words. I hope that tomorrow or Saturday when the video is extracted by professionals, you will also step up.. The columnist swears that if so, he “will step up”. The appointment is made.

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