Carmaux. Nadau in concert: an exceptional event

Carmaux. Nadau in concert: an exceptional event

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Saturday, November 12 at 9 p.m., the Nadau group will perform on the stage of the François-Mitterrand room to the delight of the Carmausins.

Four Zéniths and four Olympias on the clock, but also concerts all over France, each time with full halls, filled to the brim with aficionados eager to listen to and applaud the group Los De Nadau, born at the end of 1973 in Tarbes of the meeting of Michel Maffrand, Jacques Roth and Ninon Paloumet.

The first disc was released in the summer of 1975. It was entitled “Monsur lo regent”, composed of protest songs, but also love songs.

The group accompanies the wine and worker struggles, it is the time of the “committed” song. Very quickly came out “La venta a las enchèras” in 1976, and “L’immortèla” in 1978, with a key song that would become an Occitan anthem.

In 1980, the first calandreta, a teaching school in Occitan, was born in Pau. The Nadau group will always be alongside the calandretas in their fight for language. He was also involved in the first free radio stations, in the newspaper “Pays” (Source

On the stage, the Nadau group is the bagpipes from the Landes who argue with the electric guitar, it is the traditional song which is fried and which rubs with the music, and there are thousands of people who sing and who standing ovation.

The show is grandiose with the happy marriage of humor, impertinence, tenderness and poetry.

Nadau à Carmaux is an exceptional event, which should not be missed. It is organized by Cofest on Saturday November 12 at 9 p.m., François Mitterrand room with a single price of €22.

Reservation: Carmaux Tourist Welcome Point, Place Gambetta,

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