Carole Tremblay, Raymond-Plante Award Winner

Carole Tremblay, Raymond-Plante Award Winner

This is a well-deserved award given to the author and editor Carole Tremblay! His contribution to the promotion of children’s literature is recognized as much as his work, which includes more than 70 albums and novels intended for young people.

Between reissues of his famous series Fred Chicken, originally published in the early 2000s and publishing her albums and novels in short order, Carole Tremblay’s books are almost always found in bookstores as a safe bet, a classic of children’s literature. We mean comics Super groinon A giraffe without a neckon lentil soup or on children’s war. And what about the enthusiasm for the “Black” collection, in which she was signed The one in the pond etc A dark secret? And famously so The Mystery of the Barnes Twins? Carole Tremblay knows how to entertain her audience, make them laugh and make them think, tickle their nerves and scare them. She knows how to reinvent herself, adapt, listen. Her flair served her well, certainly for writing her books, but also as an editor. She worked for the defunct Imagine editions, and made her way to Dominique et compagnie. Now a small publisher, Carole Tremblay managed, with her team, the rebirth of the box by infusing it with soul, its dynamism and its passion. It’s always a pleasure to discover a new book by Carole Tremblay, both for children and their parents!

Conceived and organized by the corporation Fête de la lecture et du livre jeunesse, in collaboration with the Governor’s Table, the Raymond-Plante Prize recognizes the engagement and contribution to children’s literature of a Quebec citizen or ‘organism’. Rather, the award is given alternately to an individual and an organization. Recent winners include Monet bookstore, Francois Gravel, Read and read etc Marie-Francine Hebert.

Festival of children’s reading and books will take place from February 10 to 12, 2023. More details to come.

Photo: © Chantale Lecours

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