Cartoonist Perry Taylor presented his latest work at L’Isle-Jourdain

Cartoonist Perry Taylor presented his latest work at L’Isle-Jourdain

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The most Gascon among the English, Perry Taylor, came to L’Isle-Jourdain to present his latest work “Plaisirs simples”.

We know his work, his drawings, his humor, his books, without knowing the man, the author of 5 books. Perry Taylor was recently a guest at Effects de Pages bookstore to present his latest book “Plaisirs simples”. His way of connecting with the Gers is unique, fun and honest. The English are nibbling on the tradition of the Gers, the great encounters of the South West and it is ridiculous. He appreciates Gers life, people, landscapes, everything is calmer: “It’s good to live there”. Meeting with the artist, the most Gascon of the English.

How did you manage to look back on Gascony with humor?

When I was in England or Holland, I worked in advertising as an art director. Storyboards were my daily life. One day I no longer wanted to work for others. I left everything and my journey ended in Gers.

Where does your inspiration come from?

In my everyday life. I observe and listen a lot, everywhere and in all situations: at the market, with hunters, farmers, in a cafe, on the street, at rugby, in a vineyard… I really like puns, it’s an intoxicating pleasure that contributes to witty design.

Everyone likes your drawings?

Indeed, I manage to follow the lives of people from the South West and mainly from the Gers with subtle and kind humour. The end inspires me and they all find themselves in my drawings. I generally like anything unusual and the public understands that.

The artist exhibits in Lavardens until the beginning of January. On Sunday, December 18, in the afternoon, the public will be able to find him there for dedications.

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