Caryl Cantin: the book Medium and grounding

Caryl Cantin: the book Medium and grounding

Can you show us your book Medium and grounded – From shadow to light ?
My book is an autobiography, more and more of us are hypersensitive and feel the energies that surround us. I have suffered from my sensitivity for years and after hours of meditation and research, I share my advice to help people who are in the same situation… My book is an invitation to reconnect with the Self, with its spiritual part.

After how long and how did you realize that you are hypersensitive?
It happened when I was about 14 years old at the cash register in a store, I felt a man behind me and I could clearly see that he was not well. Without seeing, I felt… Then I realized that something invisible was opening in me.

Is it possible to explain what you felt when the symptoms of this sensitivity manifested?
I had a feeling of sadness and extreme fatigue when these phenomena appeared. Body sensations in my back and stomach that didn’t belong to me. I went from one state to another in a split second and I clearly felt that these states were not directly related to me.

How did your environment react to this situation?
I’m lucky to have a mother who is very open about these topics, with her I talked about it the most in the beginning… I thought that other people wouldn’t understand my sensitivity and in the end I realized that many people also experience the same things, and actually they don’t have the courage to talk about it. When we open up, we realize that others also dare to open up to us.

Is there a situation or event in your everyday life that particularly marked you when your hypersensitivity manifested itself?
A few events were really significant, when I needed help in 2011, I was with a therapist and when she opened the door for me, I saw a huge white energy all around her… I saw it with my own eyes. Much later I realized that it was his aura. This is the first time I have seen the energy clearly with my eyes open.

Why did you want to create this book?
I wrote this book to help people who suffer from their sensitivity, to reassure them, to tell them that they are not crazy and that they do not have a problem. Also to explain that this hypersensitivity is channeled, that it can be learned and that we can really make it a strength.

What is the connection between this sensitivity and mediumship?
Sensitivity is like a parable that allows us to capture all kinds of information. By learning to direct our eating, we can then receive information from the deceased, from our Guide or from other energies.

What place does the spiritual occupy?
Spirituality is a priority in my life today… So much so that I have been meditating almost every day for more than 10 years. It’s not something I chose, it’s more of a path that forced itself on me and to which I happily said yes.

What can we know about the inspired texts found at the end of the book?
The inspired texts come from personal reflections that I have felt regarding my Guide during these last years.

What is the initial feedback from your readers and will you meet them at the book signing?
I did a few signing sessions in Switzerland after my book came out. Many people tell me that it is easy to read and very clear. Some tell me that they have the feeling that I am next to them and that I am telling them my story as a friend. Many still recognize themselves in my story because they went through the same life stages.

How do you feel now with your hypersensitivity and why did you decide to become a medium?
Mediumship is simply a continuation of my sensitivity, it is a way to help people on their journey… “Medium” is simply an expression because I can sense the dead and am in contact with my Guide. Today I feel like me, a man who simply helps people with his feelings. My sensitivity allows me to sometimes perceive what is invisible to others.

What do you want to say at the end?
I would like to end by saying that the important thing in all these spiritual practices is to always start by being honest with yourself. To learn to really love yourself so that you can then love another… And that’s how the energy grew, I believe that this is finally the goal of this life.

Thanks to Caryl Cantin for answering our interview!

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