Castelnau-de-Levis. Memorial book about thirty years of volunteering in the castle

Castelnau-de-Levis. Memorial book about thirty years of volunteering in the castle

The Association for the Preservation of the Castle is preparing a book of events “Thirty years of volunteering at Castelnau-de-Lévis Castle”, as a sign of respect for the volunteers who invested themselves for three decades to save the building from demolition and ensure that traces and memories of this fabulous adventure remain.

“This collection is a tribute to all the people of good will who invested money in saving their castle from demolition in advanced degradation when it was bought by the municipality at the end of 1991,” explains the president of the association.

Through this story, the reader will discover the joyous momentum of shared moments in efforts, the incredible experience of the Concordia shipyard, the wealth of human exchanges with volunteers who came from all over the world to dig up the remains in the ruins that disappear under vegetation and brambles, secure them, consolidate and beautify them, with the financial support of the municipality and in agreement with Bâtiments de France, since this is a protected building. He will see the site transformed page by page until it becomes a unique environment ready to host high quality cultural events aimed at bringing it to life and giving it the notoriety it deserves!

Under the leadership of three presidents, the enthusiasm for this cause has never faltered, leading successive teams to form a true family, to weave strong bonds between joy and sorrow every day. With the speed of renewal of generations, the friends of the castle experienced the disappearance of some of their friends, but also welcomed new goodwill which are important links in the association’s memory.

The book will be offered for this anniversary next June to all volunteers who have contributed so far.

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