Céline Saffré (large families) talks about her big health problem

Céline Saffré (large families) talks about her big health problem

This Tuesday, January 17, Céline Saffré (Large families: life in XXL) gave an update on his tribe day. An opportunity to indulge in health issues that he has been following on Instagram for some time.

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Céline and Fabrice Saffré have agreed to open the doors of their daily lives, as well as the lives of their children, to the cameras of the documentary reality that signs Big families: life in XXL. Since they appeared in the program, a lot has changedthe ninth child came to enlarge the clan. In addition, the public can follow the evolution of the tribe thanks to social networks where the mother of the family is very active. An opportunity for her to answer the crazy rumours or detractors. This Tuesday, January 17, a young woman revealed her health.

A health problem for years

With nine children at home, including one just over a month old, Céline Saffré’s days are busy. However, he does not forget to think about himself and his health. Indeed, Fabrice’s companion had to undergo new examinations. “I had an appointment at the hospital, where I have been monitored by endocrinology for a good five years because of thyroid problems“, she confided. Besides, it’s been a long time since they discovered her illness.”It was detected five years ago, they are far from catastrophic and worrying. It’s just that five years ago we noticed that I had a lump on my neck.”she added.

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Surgery soon?

This lump is actually a goiter, a distorted thyroid gland. Therefore, it was necessary to analyze it more closely. We did tests, I have a lot of nodules. But after thorough examinations, there is no risk”, assured Céline Saffré. Before continuing:I am completely calm, this problem with the thyroid does not bother me, it has no influence on my daily life. […] what follows are lumps in my throat.“In addition, the mother of nine children has to undergo an operation, but she doesn’t have the courage at the moment. In fact, this kind of intervention requires several days of hospitalization. A stay that would upset the whole family. family organization.

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