Ceremony snubbed, armband … The distrust of British public television in the face of the World Cup in Qatar

Ceremony snubbed, armband … The distrust of British public television in the face of the World Cup in Qatar

The English channel has chosen not to broadcast the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar. Consultants have, instead, discussed on set the controversies agitating the event.

The reception of the 2022 World Cup by Qatar is far from unanimous. While the sporting event arouses many criticisms on the issue of respect for human rights in the Gulf country, the BBC has decided to express its reservations about this tournament.

Very strong action, the BBC chose Sunday not to retransmit Ithe opening ceremony of the World Cup on its antenna, an event very watched on television.

If the show of about thirty minutes is supposed to be placed under the sign of “respect and inclusion”, according to a document sent by the organizers, this obviously does not convince the English channel.

By choice, the ceremony is therefore only broadcast on the BBC website. The channel did not wish to comment on this decision, reports The Guardian.

Reportage and debates on set

The BBC does not snub the World Cup, but chooses to opt for critical coverage of the event by evoking its controversies.

The former England international, Gary Lineker, launches the start of the competition with a monologue facing the camera during which he does not hesitate to mention the “accusations of corruption” surrounding the awarding of the World Cup to Qatarmigrant workers “many of whom lost their lives” building stadiums and “illegal” homosexuality in the country.

“‘Stay in football’, said Fifa. We will, for a few minutes at least”, says Gary Lineker to the camera.

On set, several former players who have become sports consultants talk about their reservations about the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar.

“I think when Fifa awarded the tournament to Qatar, they did so without any consideration for human rights and workers’ rights,” said ex-Welsh international Ashley Williams.

A report devoted to the environmental impact of the World Cup and human rights issues in Qatar is also broadcast.

A journalist and ex-player with the “One Love” armband

The former England international, now a consultant for the BBC, Alex Scott then speaks inside the stadium with the “One Love” armband, a symbol of the fight against discrimination, clearly visible on his arm. A symbolic gesture in a country where homosexuality is considered a crime.

This same armband is currently the subject of much debate, while England captain Harry Kane once expressed a desire to wear it. He finally had to give it up at the last minute, just like the seven other teams who wanted to wear it, being threatened with sporting sanctions by Fifa.

The former player with 140 caps for England does not hesitate to scratch on the set either. the words of FIFA President Gianni Infantino who assured that he felt solidarity with migrant workers.

“You will never know what it is to be a migrant worker. Continually repeating that football belongs to everyone is not true,” she said.

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