CFM: Heartbroken, Sandro Grande emotionally apologizes for his previous statements

CFM: Heartbroken, Sandro Grande emotionally apologizes for his previous statements

Broken and contrite, Sandro Grande felt good about his mea culpa for his comments made in the past, particularly about former prime minister Pauline Marois, remarks he now admits he wrote.

“I am ashamed of myself and what I wrote more than 10 years ago. I made a big mistake. And I take responsibility for writing that and for denying it,” admitted during an emotional press conference of more than 40 minutes, on Thursday, in a hotel in Laval, he who had previously claimed that his account was hacked in an attempt to free up.

The man who was one day head coach of CF Montreal’s reserve team underwent an act of contrition during which he revealed he had written a letter of apology to Ms. Marois, who responded. “I was honored to receive a touching response from him,” he said, but preferred not to reveal the contents “out of respect.”

He also contacted the leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, with whom he is scheduled to meet on Sunday.

Appointment 24 hours

The appointment of Sandro Grande as head coach of CF Montreal’s reserve team on January 9 sparked an outcry over remarks made after the selection of Ms. Marois in 2012. The next day, CF Montreal announced the dismissal, sincerely apologizing for this decision.

Sandro Grande wrote in his tweet that the shooter in the attack on Metropolis, Richard Henry Bain, made only one mistake, which was to miss the target, naming Ms. Marois, adding that he hopes for more success in the future. He also made derogatory remarks about the sovereigntists, calling them “hillbilly” and “fools” in particular.

Respect for separatists

Sandro Grande, whose statements were interrupted by sobs on several occasions, claimed that he had changed despite differences in political views.

“I think everyone has the right to a belief. (…) I have many (members of) family and friends who are also separatists and I respect them a lot. I love them unconditionally and that’s it. »

He also made a confession of faith in Quebec, praising the quality of welcome given to his immigrant parents in the 1950s: “My parents are very proud to call Quebec their home. Me, my wife and my children were born here and we are very proud to be considered Quebecers,” he said.

Not surprisingly, he also said he’s learned that the consequences of comments like his on social media are not trivial and can have long-term consequences, a lesson he says he’s been conveying for several years at his conferences. and his teachings to young people.

“Telephone, social networks, internet, it is an extraordinary tool, but at the same time dangerous. You have to be careful because sometimes a discussion between friends is one thing and writing something that will stay with you for a long time is another thing. »

Get well first and then come back?

He did not hide that the last ten days had been extremely difficult for his family and him, saying that he had been the subject of death threats. Her children also suffered significant backlash at school.

Sandro Grande says he has no concrete plans at the moment, focusing solely on supporting his family and protecting the mental health of his children, wife and himself. However, he does not rule out a possible return to CF Montreal.

“Hope is still there. Right now I think I need weeks and months to recover. (…) If people are right, I would be very happy to return because it is, after all, the club of my life. This is the club I have always supported,” he concluded.

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