Chalon-sur-Saone. Death of singer Carol Arnauld

Chalon-sur-Saone. Death of singer Carol Arnauld

From Carol Arnauld, we want to remember her laughter, her kindness, her little dishes invented to feed her friends, her love for animals and her voice. When in 2010, she went back on stage for a few dates of the Age tender and head of wood tour repeated for three weeks in Chalon, It only took two studio takes to lock her voice on It is not easy.

VSe tube released in 1986 which told the loss of his brother killed in a car accident and the pain of those who remain. Carol Valère, Arnauld, the first name of his brother becoming his stage name had abandoned the song for a few years already.

She didn’t necessarily like the pressure of the stage and that of show biz. Based in Saône-et-Loire since 1991, near Chalon, she had decided to devote herself to cooking, running a restaurant near the JSL, La Chouette enrhumée for a few years. His cuisine was in his image, generous and fed with many spices.

She had also created guest rooms with Kenny Quaïo, her companion of 33 years.

Carol Arnauld had also taken over the Saint-Rémy swimming pool snack bar for a season. Never inactive, she teemed with ideas, desires, painted very colorful pictures and sang, but just for the pleasure of those close to her.

Her tall figure will be missed by all who knew her. “It’s not easy to look at a photo of you, it’s not easy not to cry when I think of you” sang Carol Arnauld in 1986.

But she left Friday evening following a long illness, she was 61 years old. His funeral will take place on Wednesday September 14 at 3 p.m. at the Funérarium de Crissey.

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