Chantal Goya and her “broke” husband: Michel Drucker weighs in on their money problems (ZAPTV)

Chantal Goya and her “broke” husband: Michel Drucker weighs in on their money problems (ZAPTV)

This Wednesday, December 7, Michel Drucker and Chantal Goya were both guests in It starts todaythe program presented by Faustine Bollaert on France 2. A televised passage during which the presenter of Can’t wait for Sunday spoke at length about the singer’s financial troubles…

Who loves well chatises as well ! It is surely not Michel Drucker and Chantal Goya who will say the opposite. Friends for many yearsthe host and singer kept teasing each other during their time on set It starts todayFaustine Bollaert’s show, this Wednesday, December 7. It all started when the interpreter of Pandi Panda spoke about his financial difficulties. Indeed, despite her immense success in the early 1970s, which allowed her to amass quite a fortune, Chantal Goya experienced a bad patch. After a bad buzz because of a program presented by Patrick Sabatiersales of his albums plummeted. A blow for her and her husband and mentor Jean-Jacques Debout, who therefore experienced very difficult times.

He knows Michel, I went through very, very difficult times in my career. He was always there beside meI remember he invited me… And he gave me courage, him and Yves Mourousi“, conceded the interpreter of Snipe against Faustine Bollaert. But when he had just been praised by the singer, Dany Saval’s husband found nothing better to do than drive the point home!

Michel Drucker teases Chantal Goya about her fortune

To the delight of the most curious viewers, Michel Drucker spoke at length about the financial troubles of the couple formed by Chantal Goya and Jean-Jacques Debout. “They had money worries, she and Jean-Jacques, they won a lot because they were so successful and they lost as much, if not more. They have always been prosecutedeither by taxes or from time to time Jean-Jacques because he has license problems“, has explained Stéfanie Jarre’s adoptive fatherwho did not stop in such good momentum.

I have rarely seen someone with as much taste as Jean-Jacques Debout. They had a house in Touraine, which was beautiful with amazing furniture, that they sold because they were broke. Then they left“, he then added, before Chantal Goya clarified that they had had a total of no less than 24 houses. A shame for the two lovebirds who, after becoming homeless in 2020had to resolve to move in with their daughter Carisse, in Versailles.

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