Children’s literature: beautiful pages of November

Children’s literature: beautiful pages of November

On the occasion of the second volume of adventures Dill, apprentice witchwe had the opportunity to meet its author, Élodie Shanta.

Élodie is not a beginner as we owe her heroines such as Shrimp, Resine, Ortie and Sweet and Aneth. She told us about this little apprentice witch, about her strong character, directly inspired by the little girl she was, and about the power of the grill.

+ LIRES: Élodie Shanta, a strong character

Editions of the month

“Sauvage” by Grégoire Kocjan and Étienne Friess (*****)

All the animals at the Brügenberg Zoo disappeared overnight. Inspector Brock, dressed as his nieces, comes to find out what happened.

A great album between the color pages for the field investigation and the bluish pages showing what really happened that night.

Witty, inventive and with a brilliant illustrative touch.

Grégoire Kocjan and Étienne Friess, “Sauvage”, Margot, 6 years old.

Children's literature: beautiful pages of November

“Dagobert” d’Anne Herbauts (****)

This is the story of Dagobert, the king of bats who is always well dressed, but who wears neither a crown nor a hat. He is also, according to his subjects, a king who never laughs. Fortunately, Pipistrelle will bring order to all that.

Anne Herbauts has fun turning this book upside down for little ones to play with. Witty, unusual and smart.

Anne Herbauts, «Dagobert», Casterman, 4 years.

Children's literature: beautiful pages of November

“Little and Big Bears” Bernadette Gervais (****)

Little Bear lives with Pandora, but he treats her badly: he constantly insults her, belittles her, and finally even hits her.

Therefore, Little Bear gathers courage and leaves the house.

A poignant story about a difficult subject that Bernadette Gervais, far from her usual image creators, carefully brings to a children’s level.

Lot, 5 years old.

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