Chimène Badi announces the end of her couple after eight years of relationship

Chimène Badi announces the end of her couple after eight years of relationship

Between them, it’s over. Since its beginnings 20 years ago in pop stars in 2002, Chimene Badi sings of love through its titles such Between us, Fall in love again, if I had known how to love you… But she remains quite discreet about her own sentimental life, only rarely mentioning her love affairs. However, the young woman had been in a relationship for several years, living a beautiful story with a certain Julian. But it is in the past that we must now combine their 8-year long relationship, because the interpreter announces the end of his couple in Closer this January 6. “It was a very beautiful story that filled me and made me grow. It’s finish“, she reveals.

“I learned to feel free, to love who I am”

Before continuing:I no longer look in the gaze of the other for a way to be reassured, to have confidence in myself. To give, to the public, to my loved ones, I learned to feel free, to love who I am“, confides Chimène Badi. The singer, who had introduced his companion in The secret box a few months ago, returned to the beginnings of this love story, in 2014. She explained that the latter took place thanks to a friend, who told her about “a good guy“…”I went to see my friend at work to observe the young man in question from afar. I immediately liked it, I found it beautiful and charming. I went back several times, doing everything I could to get him to spot me: ultra-feminine in a short skirt, wearing makeup. And I sent him a note“, she reported.

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Their relationship was all about a beautiful romance

The tactic of the singer, who participated in Eurovision objective, had worked… Julien had also described their meeting in turn: “She wrote me a letter, old fashioned! It may seem reckless on the part of someone known, me, it touched my heart. I found the approach very romantic. I was looking forward to meeting her and discovering her. And I also found her charming… Their first date had been a success:What I didn’t know“, detailed Chimene Badiit’s that Julien not only did theater but was also a musician. So inevitably, after the performance, we went for a drink, and we talked for hours.“But now the singer who chose not to have children,”out of a sense of responsibility“, and the musician, took different routes.

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