Chimène Badi in tears: she collapses when she talks about her relationship with a toxic person (ZAPTV)

Chimène Badi in tears: she collapses when she talks about her relationship with a toxic person (ZAPTV)

Back with a new album, Chimène Badi approaches life in a more serene and benevolent way than a few years ago. In A Sunday in the countrysidethe singer poured out, not without emotion, on an unpleasant meeting in her profession, which very nearly “screw up”.

It seems that Chimène Badi and François Alu kept in touch after discovering each other in A Sunday in the countryside. “We have sent each other a few messages since the end of filming”indicated the talented dancer to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure. It must be said that the two guests of Frederic Lopez (Michel Boujenah was the third thief) found several points in common during this rural weekend: the passion for dance and a dark time during which both experienced eating disorders. Each in turn, they explained the reason that led them to develop this disorder, a template complex for the DALS juror “forced to refine”and “an unpleasant encounter” for the former candidate of pop stars.

A bad experience that made him grow

free today, “free to be who I am”Chimène Badi has long been under the influence of a toxic person in her profession. And it’s in tears, that the single mom wanted to expand on this subject. “It’s meeting someone who will screw you up, who will screw up your career, your mind, your person, and who will make you a little puppet”she analyzes, tremolos in her scratchy voice. And to continue: “That’s right, it’s meeting a person who will change your life, but not common sense”. well surrounded, especially his fatherand armed with an iron will, the interpreter of Between us managed to emerge stronger from this bad experience.

His tears upset his roommates, starting with François Alu, necessarily not insensitive to this obstacle course. “She struggled but she stayed strong. She is a combative woman and she is a very good example for all people in difficulty”he confided, admiringly. He, who has been consulting a shrink for seven years, will know how to use this poignant testimony.

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