Chimène Badi: unrecognizable, she caused a sensation on the 2022 Telethon set (ZAPTV)

Chimène Badi: unrecognizable, she caused a sensation on the 2022 Telethon set (ZAPTV)

Chimène Badi was present on the set of Telethon this Saturday, December 3, 2022 to perform a song by Edith Piaf. The singer discovered in The new star appeared unrecognizable, which made Internet users react.

New evening for Telethon this Saturday, December 3, 2022. Since December 4, 1987, the French Association against myopathies has decided to launch this charity event with the aim of financing research on genetic diseases. Organized each year, the latter allows each time to collect several tens of millions of euros and this is the reason why many personalities agree to come and participate in this beautiful project, in particular as godfather and godmother. And for this year, it’s Kev Adams who was chosen. The comedian has been publicly supporting the Association for about ten years now and it is therefore only natural that Yannick Letranchant, producer of the Telethon submitted Kev Adams’ name during a prep meeting as he reported to Tele-Leisure. A first meeting was organized between France Télévisions and AFM-Téléthon during which they drew up a list of the personalities approached to take on this role with a plethora of responsibilities: “It has a large community on social networks. It is aimed at a wider audience than just viewers, it allows us to expand our audience and reach everyone. But that is not enough, you also need to be available to meet researchers in the laboratory.

“Incredible transformation”

Kev Adams is therefore once again present this Saturday, December 3, 2022 on the set of Telethon, alongside many personalities like Nagui or Sophie Front. And for this second evening, the artists were also there with Jeff Panacloc who made an amazing jokeor Chimène Badi, singer discovered in The new star in 2002 and who had been successful with his title Between us. She came to interpret the title My carousel by Edith Piaf. A performance commented on social networks because some had trouble recognizing the singer…“So there it is Chimène Badi… I wouldn’t have recognized her, incredible transformation” in particular wrote a surfer, while another did not hesitate to underline its beauty: “Magnificent Chimene Badi”. An appearance that left no one indifferent.

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