China is playing ‘aggressive games’ with Canada, says Justin Trudeau

China is playing ‘aggressive games’ with Canada, says Justin Trudeau

This statement came after the Canadian channel Global News reported on the funding of a secret network candidate for the recent elections.

It also comes days after authorities in Ottawa announced an investigation into illegal Chinese police stations in the greater Toronto area.

We have taken significant steps to strengthen the integrity of our election processes and systemsMr. Trudeau said.

We will continue to invest in the fight against interference in elections, against foreign interference in our democracies and our institutionshe promised.

Unfortunately, we see how countries, state actors around the world, whether China or others, continue to play aggressive games with our institutions, with our democracieshe added.

Citing unnamed sources, Global News revealed that intelligence officials have informed the Trudeau government that Beijing wants to influence or sabotage Canada’s democratic process.

According to the channel, China funneled funds, through parliamentarians and others, to at least 11 federal election candidates, as well as Chinese agents who worked for their campaigns.

Also according to Global News, Beijing sought to appoint agents to lawmakers to influence their policies.

In October, the Canadian Federal Police announced an investigation into possible reports of illegal activity relating to alleged police stations.

The Madrid-based human rights NGO Safeguard Defenders revealed in October that there are 54 similar police stations around the world, including three in the greater Toronto area.

China denied this information, which it described as completely wrongsaying the posts simply offer services, including driver’s license renewals, to Chinese nationals living abroad.

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