Chris of the G-Squad: the singer makes a shocking revelation about the other members of the boy band

Chris of the G-Squad: the singer makes a shocking revelation about the other members of the boy band

Chris Keller was part of the G-Squad group. This Thursday, September 29 at the microphone of Virgin Radio’s Morning without filter, the singer revealed very shocking information about his former comrades in the boy band.

In the 90s, 2Be3 and Worlds Apart were not the only ones to make the hearts of young audiences beat faster. The G-Squad were also part of the boy band generation. At the time, Chris Keller, Marlon, Gérald Jean-Laurent, Mika and Andrew Mac Carthy were enjoying success with hits such as No girl in the world, crazy about you or Touched in the heart. After only two albums, the band broke up and each member went their own way.

Chris Keller never really gave up singing and in 2015 he launched the Génération Boys Band with 2Be3’s Frank Delay and Allan Theo. The new trio still performs on stage during shows and nostalgic tours across France. A good way to bounce back after experiencing a crossing of the desert. And if Chris Keller didn’t call back his former G-Squad comrades to revive their group, it’s for a very good reason.

Chris Keller and his very surprising confidence on G-Squad

This Thursday, September 29 in The Morning without filter from Virgin Radio, Chris Keller even made a shocking revelation about the G-Squad. He explained that he was the only one who really sang in the group ! “They weren’t singinghe confirmed. The problem is when you sing in playback for years, because it’s been for several years, you think you really sing“. But during a show in Canada, the other members of the boy band fell from a great height and were unmasked.”We had to sing everything live. There they turned on the mic and everyone looked at me with eyes like marbles because the sound was rotten and the guys weren’t singing“, he confided. A surprising and disappointing anecdote for the very many fans of the famous boy band who loved their hits and had been to see them in concerts. A myth is collapsing.

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