Christine and the Queens explain the origin of her new stage name, Redcar

Christine and the Queens explain the origin of her new stage name, Redcar

Christine and the Queens explain the origin of her new stage name, Redcar

Christine and the Queens unveil their new single

A few days before the release of a new album, the 34-year-old artist explains this change of pseudonym, linked to a personal drama.

The announcement had surprised its fans last summer: Christine and the Queens, who became Chris in 2018, changed their stage name again to become Redcar. The French artist, who is now a masculine gender, explains the origins of this pseudonym in a long portrait published this Sunday by the Guardiana few days before the release of his album Redcar: The Adorable Stars.

This new name is linked to the sudden death of the interpreter’s mother, which occurred in 2019. At the time, then in full mourning, Redcar began to see more and more red cars, and decided to take them as a sign of the deceased. Then, a few years later, to make it a stage name.

transgender coming out

He also returns to his transidentity, revealed in recent months. At the bend of a TikTok published in August, the interpreter of I finally see you announced that it was now gendered in the masculine. “I’m trans,” he wrote on Twitter a few days ago. In the columns of the British magazine, he specifies that he refuses to have to modify his physical appearance:

“I am in resistance against the approach of transidentity which wants that there are necessarily hormonal treatments and operations. It is to comply with a binary system in which I do not believe. Binarity was created to control ( …) I’m sick of having to define myself with their grotesque tools of oppression. And I don’t owe anyone scars, to be precise.”

This is why this coming out took time: “I was terrified of having to take action (change his appearance, editor’s note)”. He says this view of trans identity has earned him criticism from some transgender people, who would like him to “present himself as a ‘real’ trans man. Who are we doing this for? Everyone is different. I know people who have flourished thanks to hormones (…) but I want to flourish in this contradiction (…) I don’t feel like I need to change anything about myself. “

The singer made a similar statement on Twitter a few days ago, by adding: “We have existed since the dawn of time and what must change is society as a whole (…)”.

Redcar was to give several concerts in September for his new show called Redcar: the adorable stars. All have been postponed see you next week due to an injury in rehearsals. His new album is due out November 11.

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VIDEO – Redcar (Christine and the Queens) forced to postpone his tour and his album because of a big mess…

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