Christmas 2022: these books that all lovers of good series will put on Santa’s list

Christmas 2022: these books that all lovers of good series will put on Santa’s list

A card on a small screen, a map… in bookstores. Or how to prolong the pleasure that the series gives us by reading. Let’s start with two phenomenal and unavoidable hits from Netflix. First of all, Bridgerton Chronicle : after the novels of the Julia Quinn saga, the place in the official series guide is signed by Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers. A book rich in photos, interviews, anecdotes from the shooting. Following, Stranger Things whose upside-down universe is revealed in an animated pop-up book… also upside down!

Christmas 2022: series in books…

The greatest hits of 2021 Netflixbooks dedicated to that phenomenon Squid game sprouted like mushrooms. We’ll keep the guide to the series written by Ophélie Surcouf, an expert on pop culture and Korea, as a good base before diving into a psychological explanation of its sources (as Jean-François Marmion did)… or we’ll start asking philosophical questions (like Olivier Dhilly). From phylloit is also a question for Antoine Bonnet and Blandine Genovesio, who themselves cast a slightly wider net and question concepts such as morality, state, freedom, gambling, etc. through many series.

Christmas 2022: books in the series…

Want a little more “school” – so to speak? Series i Story, the one with a capital H, often go very well together. Between reality and fiction, Mickaël Bertrand takes us on a journey through time. If it’s your thing rather geographyis located on mythical places series (rangeBaywatch In the House Maxwell Sheffield) but a collection Cults! it pulls you along. And for those who would like to learn or returnspanish, we say thank you to José González Ordonez, who reviews the best series that will reconcile you with the language of Cervantes. And it’s not just like that Robbery of money or Elite !

Fame too anti-heroines series! Their name is Cersei Lannister or Annalize Keating and they, too, we love to hate them (unless we hate to love them?)… They are at the center of a book co-written by Anaïs Bordages and Marie Telling (to whom we owe the Peak TV podcast on Slate) and which offers a “An original panorama of the most subversive women on the small screen”. The underside of the TV series, that’s what it explores It turns out bad… on TV!, by Philip Lombard. Between filming that turns into a disaster, slamming doors, lawsuits, whims… There would be enough to make a soap opera out of it. We finally found it the ultimate guide which should save time for people wasting time trying to find which series to watch. Really? Really.

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