Christmas in children’s literature

Christmas in children’s literature

What all the proposals are offered by the publishing houses as the holidays approach! Here are a few that I really liked.

Text from Eve Christian

Title: A beautiful Little Wolf Christmas

Text: Orianne Lallemand

Illustrations : Eleonore Thuillier

Editions : Auzou

For children from: 18 months

Biography: P’tit Loup, his younger sister Babiloup and their parents spend time with their family having fun this Christmas Eve. It’s finally the holidays and a visit from the big red man awaits…

My opinion : The perfect album for toddlers and toddlers who want to carry it: cardboard pages with tactile textures and lift-up flaps to reveal surprises. And how about a story that describes fun activities that kids can do on the most anticipated morning of the year!

Title: Christmas unicorn

Text: Lucie Papineau

Illustrations : Jose Massa

Editions : Auzou

For children from: 4 years

Biography: Anouk spends the Christmas holidays in the countryside with her grandparents. He takes care of a small horse with an injured leg, with whom he develops a silent bond. The force that unites this duo is magical. But is this foal really one?

My opinion : A story of complicity between a girl and a pet, colored by the magic of Christmas. Winter nature and forest animals are ubiquitous, resulting in inspired illustrations and a rather dreamy story.

Title: Christmas with 1000 children

Text: Valerie Fontaine

Illustrations : Yves Dumont

Editions : Quebec America

For children from: 4 years

Biography: This third volume of the collection presents the preparation for Christmas in a house where two parents and… 1000 children live! It goes without saying that the letters addressed to Santa Claus are endless, the decorations are numerous, and the gifting formula is ingenious!

My opinion : There are themes of generosity, sharing and family support collection, especially in this book. Added to these two themes is overconsumption. Of course, along with humor comes exaggeration. The volumes are not sequels, but the first allows us to understand why the Chose couple had so many children on purpose.

story time : On Thursday, December 15 at 6:45 p.m., the author Valérie Fontaine will read Christmas with 1000 children live on the Facebook page CLEF; will be offered as compensation.

Christmas in Children’s Literature Photo: Courtesy of several publishing houses

Title: lost in history

Text: Jean-Francois Faucher

Illustrations : Martin Aubry

Editions : Alaska

For children from: 4 years

Biography: Slush, the busiest packer sprite at the North Pole, teleports his pixie girls and pixie friends unknowingly to different periods in history. Still, he just wanted to slow down time so that every child would get their gift on Christmas night!

My opinion : This clumsy and distracted elf has a knack for getting his feet wet, much to the delight of young readers. In this sixth adventure collection, Slush uses chronofrost, a device that allows Santa to distribute all the presents in one night around the world, without permission. Historical hints are instructive. As a bonus, the app ALASKAwhich can be downloaded for free, lets you see seven images come to life when you hover over them.

Title: Princess Beelzebub : Santa’s Funny Christmas

Text: Eza Paventi

Illustrations : Lucille Lesueur

Editions : Smart guys

For children from: 4 years

Biography: While he should be working hard, Santa Claus is sad about the departure of Mrs. Claus, who is treating her flu in a southern region. The elf invites young Beelzebub and her older brother to exchange the sleigh ride (this was the wish the girl wrote in her letter) for helping the old man get back on his feet.

My opinion : I fell in love with this beautiful album because of the obvious and complicit brotherly friendship, the resourcefulness and imagination of the children, and the beautiful illustrations.

Title: Florian’s sparkling eyes

Text: Renee Wilkin

Illustrations : Annie Boulanger

Editions : Boomerang

For children from: 5 years

Biography: Marion, Anesia and Nestor believed that Christmas was all about presents before they realized that the magic is in much more important things. These young people learn that Florian, Marion’s cousin who suffers from leukemia, will probably have to spend the holidays in the hospital. The children send him superpowers to celebrate Christmas with his family.

My opinion : The collection Little giants are worth their weight in gold. She explores some fairly rare topics in children’s literature: body diversity (Vol. 3), cultural diversity (Vol. 2), and embracing one’s differences (Vol. 1). The text is easy to read and the illustrations are attractive. Touching books.

Title: Princess of Christmas

Text: Mariah Cary and Michaela Angela Davis

Illustrations : Takashi Fuuji

Translation : Valentine Vignault

Editions : Michael Lafon

For children from: 5 years

Biography: A girl lives in a dilapidated house with an absent mother and a wealthy neighborhood that mocks her viciously. One snowy day, she runs away from her miserable life and finds fairies, a fantastic stone and a book in a clearing that prove to her that her voice has magical power. Against all odds, she manages to spread the Christmas spirit at home and around the world!

My opinion : All Mariah asks for Christmas is to be joyful with her mother, as stated in her song All I want for Christmas is you. She is nicknamed the Queen of Christmas. A modern fairy tale that for me represents the very definition of a story in which the magic of Christmas reigns. The beautiful illustrations and text will also appeal to older siblings, provided they have kept a child’s heart.

Title: Operation Santa Claus

Text: Catherine Girard-Audet

Editions : Smart guys

For children from: 7 years

Biography: As Christmas approaches, Margaux senses abnormal things happening: her elf has disappeared. She convinces her cousin Maël (who is old enough not to believe) that Santa Claus is in trouble and needs their help. Then the investigation begins, which will lead them to meet the Tooth Fairy, Cupid and the Easter Bunny… Could these characters be responsible for the disappearance of Santa Claus?

My opinion : The author’s action story was approved by her 7-year-old daughter Margaux. This children’s novel, written in large letters and without illustrations, is suitable for children of his age who will be proud to read their first novel of more than 200 pages. I was amused that we doubt the non-existence of Santa Claus and all the other supposedly real childhood characters.

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