Christophe Dechavanne “heart to take”: he swings at Roselyne Bachelot that she is not in the race (ZAPTV)

Christophe Dechavanne “heart to take”: he swings at Roselyne Bachelot that she is not in the race (ZAPTV)

In What an era! this Saturday, January 21, Christophe Dechavanne spoke about his love situation. If he is now “a heart to take”, he is not however ready to examine all the applications.

Christophe Dechavanne will probably have had less success in his love life than in his career. The ex-accomplice of Patrice Carmouze volume three children from three different companions and was married twice, but his unions ended in failure. Entry of Elena Foïs, sister of actress Marina Foïs in his life, changed everything. Unlike her previous companions, the latter did not evolve in the middle of television. Doctor by profession, this brilliant specialist in hematology practicing at the Henri Mondor hospital, in Créteil, made the TV host see life in pink, mad with admiration and love for his companion. “I am with the one with whom I will die… But as late as possible. If you allow it“, had entrusted the now accomplice of Léa Salamé on the set of It’s up to you, in 2020. So Christophe Dechavanne had finally found his rare pearl?

Christophe Dechavanne is officially single

The story, which began in 2016, seems to have turned sour. In October, the host speaking to Michel Cymes in What an era! had already evoked this beautiful story in the past without, however, lingering. But this January 21, in the program hosted by Léa Salamé, Christophe Dechavanne came out of his reserve while Léa Salamé had thrown around the table a discussion about Valentine’s Day.

As the SDM rapper kicked into the sidelines hoping to avoid any questions about his love lifeChristophe Dechavanne mentioned his without hesitation. “I am a heart to take”. “But a heart is always to be taken”, launched Roselyne Bachelot philosopher on the set. “No, but him, he’s REALLY to be taken and it’s his birthday in two days”, launched Léa Salamé, teasingly. “No, but don’t tell Roselyne that has nothing to do with it”, launched Christophe Dechavanne seeming to fear the advances of the former Minister of Culture. A kick in the cow whose politician preferred to laugh …

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