Christophe Rippert (First kisses) reveals his astonishing conversion: “I earn a good living”

Christophe Rippert (First kisses) reveals his astonishing conversion: “I earn a good living”

He was the handsome kid of First Kisses. In the sitcom ofAB ProductionsChristophe Rippert played Luc Duval from 1991 to 1995. With his smoldering gaze and his charisma, the actor has won the hearts of viewers. Although the success was there, Christophe Rippert decided to pursue his career away from film sets. Guest of the show TPMP Peoplebroadcast on Saturday January 7 on C8, he confided in her new life away from rhinestones and cameras. Since the TF1 years, he swapped his denim jacket for the business manager’s suit by launching Heraw. “It’s a collaborative management tool that facilitates production workflows”he revealed in the preamble to Matthew Delormeau. And to continue: I earn a good living and I hope to earn it even better if my start-up works and finds audience and success.”

If many nostalgic fans hope to find him one day on the small screen, Christophe Rippert risks disappointing them. Even if he “loved the light” and the public, the 53-year-old former actor wishes to devote himself fully to this career. I’m really happy in what I dowith the real ambition to see this project through to the end”he assured. What bury the hopes of seeing him again on TV. Me what I like is to do new things, it is to go towards the unknown. I think we are explorers. Me what I like is to be able to go towards what I do not know. All is said !

Christophe Rippert: why he refuses to shoot The mysteries of love

While Hélène Rollès, Patrick Puydebat, Laura Guibert or Sebastien Roch have found thetheir place in The mysteries of love, Christophe Ribbert is the great absentee from this series. Asked in 2019, the beautiful brown explained in Do not touch My TV have been invited on several occasions by Jean-Luc Azoulay, what he would have always refused. “I’m really working todayhe assured. Redo a project, with pleasure, but something that really makes me want, why redo an encore repetita ?”

If he followed “his line of heart even if sometimes it led me on dead ends”as he revealed to Gala in December 2019, the entrepreneur does not regret his choice at all. In an interview with TV 2 weeks in 2020, the actor said he had no bitterness about his career. “At some point, I had turned around my character. On the albums, I didn’t have much to say, I had reached the end.”he revealed. And to add: “But the doors were closed to me, the cinema was not ready to welcome people from the series or telecrochets. It does not matter, that’s life.” A man of challenges, Christophe Rippert preferred to put an end to his life as an actor to start a new one.

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