Christophe Willem cash on his financial situation

Christophe Willem cash on his financial situation

Christophe Willem is “well off” but not “fortunate”.

He did not use the language of wood.

Rare are the artists who agree to discuss their financial situation and even to explain where their resources come from. Christopher Willem does not have this money taboo and in an interview given to France 3, he did not hesitate to clarify his situation, without giving figures of course, but this allows us to better understand what he lives on. For example, it is Slimane who wrote and composed many songs from his latest album, “Panorama”it is therefore not the Turtle that will receive the most income from those generated by these songs.

“People have to be aware that I haven’t composed a lot of songs since the beginning of my career! (Laughs). In a very factual way, when you’re an artist, there’s the Adami, it’s the performer’s rights. So I mainly get Adami, but I don’t necessarily get huge royalties, because I don’t compose that much.”

He then detailed what his sources of income are.

“My income is my record sales, my performing rights and my concerts. I have a credit on my house, I only have one house… I don’t have a pharaonic fortune! I I’m well off, be careful, but you can’t call it a ‘fortune'”.

With the success of his latest album, “Panorama” and his tour which has just started on January 25, 2023 in Forges-Les-Eaux and which will continue until March 18, 2023 with a Parisian date at the Salle Pleyel, he should succeed to raise a little extra nest egg. Especially since he will make a bigger date, still in Paris, on October 7, 2023 at the Palais des sports.

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