Chronicle of the book: Anne Immelé: Riesthal Gardens

Chronicle of the book: Anne Immelé: Riesthal Gardens

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The work begins and ends with a handful of branches and dead leaves resting on the bottom of a cart touched by soft light. A painting on the border of abstraction, simple but full of poetry, like this entire series that Anne Immelé dedicated to the Riesthal gardens.

The Riesthal Gardens are former workers’ gardens on the outskirts of Mulhouse. In 2005, the photographer, her family and several friends took over plot number 100. They turned it from a desolate plot into a full oasis where species coexist in harmony.

Anne Immelé immortalized this garden in such a way that time seems to stand still and often magnified by the rays of the summer sun. In reality, the site is constantly changing, fruits are harvested, pieces of the vegetable garden are destined for composting, plots are renewed while the fire burns.

Between the branches of fruit trees, children have fun, laugh, dream, observe the plant environment that surrounds them and use it for games. They are overwhelmed with joy as is nature in this garden. Mixing the rule of childhood with that of plants, Anne Immelé draws an ode to life and freedom.

An ode that fits his approach to gardening and vegetable growing: “Many gardeners try to master their culture perfectly, protecting their vegetables from all diseases, seeking productivity. For our part, we let nature work, overflowing in a garden in motion, in constant reconfiguration thanks to the wandering plants that are so useful for insects, we let so-called wild plants coexist with cultivated plants. »

Sensitive and poetic testimony, Riesthal Gardens calls for a more respectful attitude towards the plant world, confirming the ecological commitment that Anne Immelé intends to pass on: “Enjoying the time spent in these gardens is the best way to transmit the gesture of culture, the attitude towards the earth to future generations. »

Anne Immelé – Riesthal Gardens
Publisher Médiapop, 2022
With texts by Jean-Christophe Bailly and Corinne Maury
200 x 230 mm, 128 pages
ISBN: 978-2-491436-59-9
Price: €30
Available in bookstores and on the Internet

Anne Immelé’s website
Anne Immelé’s Instagram page

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