Cindy Lopes (Secret Story 3) reveals the surprising hygiene problem caused by the omnipresence of cameras in the reality TV show

Cindy Lopes (Secret Story 3) reveals the surprising hygiene problem caused by the omnipresence of cameras in the reality TV show

Cindy Lopes will not forget her passage in Secret Story, which made her known to the general public. Asked by Sam Zirah, the former candidate told how the cameras caused certain illnesses.

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Cindy Lopez scored season 3 of Secret History on TF1 by its strong character and its naturalness. When editing it, it is Emilie Nan Nan – now present in the program Moms & famous – who won the show, but Cindy Lopes remains one of the game’s great competitors. Five years after its last broadcast, the program is still making a lot of noise. Was there cheating? Was there any drugs in candidates’ luggage ? Was the production supplying too much alcohol? Benjamin Castaldi no longer hesitates to swing on the program which made its success and Cindy Lopes often gives a layer. During an interview granted to Sam Zirah on his Youtube channelthe former candidate tells how the omnipresence of the cameras caused certain illnesses among the participants.

The showers in Secret History : “a hygiene problem”

It all started with a little return in images of the passage of Cindy Lopes in Secret History. The mother of two children thus reviewed herself without makeup, in full anger or even naked in the showers, with two other candidates. “That was a bit unacceptable to reproach me for being naked while I was in my shower”explained Cindy Lopes, whose images had made the buzz and shocked some viewers. “I don’t know if you imagine that wearing a bathing suit in the shower still poses a hygiene problem. There were some who had fungal infections. Each time, the doctor came to give them eggs and other creams”swung Cindy Lopes, revealing a less glamorous part of the reality TV game.

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Cindy Lopes embarrassed by the presence of cameras in the showers

“There were some who had nipple shields that were damaged by the humidity with the swimsuit, from washing dressed. When you wash, you don’t skim over things; you wash thoroughly”launched Cindy Lopes shamelessly, before recalling the layout of the pond. “The bathroom was facing two-way mirrors that were the entire size of the shower and when we got on the show, I remember, we looked with the sheets, with everything we found, to put something in front of the showers to hide. But in fact, it was impossible. Everything had been calculated to undermine our privacy”explained Cindy Lopes, whose hot water duration was limited to 30 minutes for all contestants. After this season, Arcom (formerly CSA) forced the production to make the shower area private.

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