“Cities of paper” exhibition: artists’ books at the Mediatheque downtown

“Cities of paper” exhibition: artists’ books at the Mediatheque downtown

The “Cities of Paper” exhibition aims to show that it is also through literature, art and architecture that the city is most questioned, worked on, even imagined. Meetings and conferences will come to support the subject and draw the city of yesterday, today and tomorrow, through historical and philosophical approaches in the cycle “The city and urbanity”, and under the artistic angle in the cycle “The city and its representations in Western art”.

Around the exhibition gravitate several highlights for the youngest with creative workshops and shows. First artist to intervene in the cycle, Camille Renault will make the children travel in her work and will invite them to stage the city and its lights.


Finally, throughout the period, events, workshops, shows, conferences, concerts, participatory installation, will allow the public to dream of the city and (re)discover Isséenne urbanity. See the full program at

“Cities of paper” exhibition from Tuesday October 11, 2022 to Sunday January 8, 2023,
Downtown media library, free admission

Around the exhibition:

History conference: The beauty of a city, Parisian getaways – Tuesday 4 October at 7 p.m.
City center media library (free entry within the limit of available places)

Art History Conference: The city in the foreground, at the end of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
Tuesday 18 October at 7 p.m., Médiathèque centre-ville (free admission subject to availability)

Creative workshop with Camille Renault
Saturday 15 October at 3 p.m.: Small night theaters, invisible ink drawings

Sunday October 16 at 3 p.m.:
Nocturnal walk, making a DIY short film
Media library downtown – from 7 years old, on registration: 01 41 23 80 65

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