Clara Luciani as a couple: this “harmful” man with whom she had an “unhealthy relationship”

Clara Luciani as a couple: this “harmful” man with whom she had an “unhealthy relationship”

Guest of the star academy this Saturday, November 19, Clara Luciani has not always been filled. In 2020, the singer confided in Neon on a relationship that marked her a lot, with a companion ” very harmful “.

Everything seems to smile at clara luciani : a second album released in June, a tour until 2023, a place of choice at the NJR Music Awards, where she shone this Friday, November 18, followed byan invitation to star academywhere the singer will perform this Saturday, November 19. To thirty yearsthe young woman already has two Victoires de la Musique and does not intend to stop there. In 2020, the interpreter of The grenadewhich is more than anything preserve personal space you know private lifeconfided in the columns of the magazine Neon.

She mentioned in particular her romantic past, marked by a relationship that she defines as ” unhealthy “. ” I was in a relationship with a guy who then inspired the album. It was a very unhealthy relationship, which locked me upI didn’t see many people except for this boy “, had then explained the native artist of Martigues. A bad experience that will have lasted almost “ three years “, said Clara Luciani. During the same interview, the thirtysomething gave some details about his former companion, and in particular his greatest regret: “ I put my music aside and I won’t do that again. I was in a relationship with someone very harmful and who more or less asked me to choose between my songs and him… “, she recalled. And to ensure that with hindsight, she does not ” won’t do it again ” anytime soon.

Clara Luciani and Alex Kapranos: a story of love and music

Fortunately, Clara Luciani has since found love in the arms of someone who is not likely to impose such sacrifices on her. And the lucky one is none other thanAlex Kapranothe singer and guitarist of the group Franz Ferdinand. The lovebirds have been dating since 2020, and even shared a duet, summer winereleased in July the same year. The couple, united by a common passionenjoys a beautiful chemistry. In March 2022, Alex Kapranos was invited by Nagui, on the set of Taratatato evoke the voice of his dear and tender. A stamp that he then described as ” unique “, in front of the person concerned. A beautiful statement which confirms that the painful past of Clara Luciani is well behind her.

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