Clashed by Drake, Ice Spice responds to him

Clashed by Drake, Ice Spice responds to him

The output of the joint project His losshaving allowed Duck and 21 Savage to confirm the effectiveness of their synergy, will have caused a lot of talk in recent hours. It must be said that the 6 God chained the clashes on this long format, even attacking the young Ice Spice.

Ice Spice targeted by the 6 God

Discovered by part of the general public thanks to its title Munch (Feelin’ U)Ice Spice was mentioned by Drake on the title BackOutBoyzexcerpt from his album His lossrecorded with 21 Savage. And what can be said is that the 22-year-old hasn’t been quoted in the most flattering way: “She got ten tryna rap, that’s good on mute, yeah” (“It’s a 10 trying to rap, it’s good when there’s no sound, yeah”). Made aware of this release of the 6 God, Ice Spice was quick to formulate a response on its social networks: “At least I’m a 10”in relation to his physique, therefore, as the Canadian suggested.

What’s surprising is that Spice did indeed have the opportunity to meet Drake, after he sent her a private message to compliment her on her success. The rapper had openly discussed her meeting ” positive “ with the singer. To believe that Drizzy’s interest in the young woman will have quickly evaporated, since he has officially deleted her from his followed accounts on Instagram since, which Spice does not explain: “He unfollow me well. I don’t know for what reason though. »

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