Claude Dartois: This unexpected passion of the adventurer will surprise you!

Claude Dartois: This unexpected passion of the adventurer will surprise you!

By Marie Hervichon

– Modified Dec 25, 2022 at 1:17 p.m.

Did Claude Dartois reveal all his talents to us during his numerous appearances on Koh Lanta? Obviously, no!

accomplished athlete and survival specialistClaude Dartois captivated the public during his various participations in Koh Lanta. Unfortunately, the last adventure he took part in was marred by scandal. Thus, with some comrades of this All-Star edition, Claude was accused of having taken part in clandestine buffets. Subsequently, he spoke on social networks about this case. : “I am neither sad nor disappointed not to have the title! (…) The truth about our actions, your beliefs, I leave them to you. I am not taking part in a sporting and human adventure for controversy, light or to create a buzz”. This summer, Claude again returned to this controversy in the columns of France Sunday. “We heard a lot of things, most of them wrong. But I accept, it’s part of the game. And no matter what he said to himself and did, I have my conscience for me.he confided.

Claude’s passion

This Saturday, December 24, it is a register very different from those in which we are used to seeing it that we found Claude. In effect, Virginia’s companion published a video where we see him preparing a huge piece of meat! “The prime rib…. Few people know it, but my father was a butcher and I went to hotel school, I always liked to cook,” he revealed to his community.

In comments, many of Claude’s former comrades have subtly requested an invitation to dinner! The very greedy Loïc wrote: ” I’m hungry “. Other Internet users told the adventurer that he had dangerously made their mouths water! “I am vegan, I stop following you…. I’m kidding, it gave me the slab “ or “I’m coming, the cooking is perfect”we were able to read.

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