Claudie Hunzinger won the 2022 Prix Femina for a French novel

Claudie Hunzinger won the 2022 Prix Femina for a French novel

After being awarded the award for December 2019 Big deerClaudie Hunzinger has just won the Prix Femina 2022 in the category of French novel, for The dog at my desk.

Announcement from autumn literary awards continues. While The Prix Goncourt 2022 was awarded to Brigitte Giraud for live fast (Ed. Flammarion), the Prix Femina 2022 decided to award the writer and artist Claudia Hunzinger. This Monday, November 7, an all-female jury selected its first-round winner for the novel, The dog at my desk (Ed. Grasset). In this book, the 82-year-old French author and artist tells how a young dog will shake up the everyday life of a couple living in the Vosges.

Chiaroscuro portrait

More specifically, Claudia Hunzinger presents a portrait of an old couple, Sophie and Grieg, a writer and her companion who live in Bois-bannis. If the former ventures into the city from time to time to promote his books, the latter lives only at night, through the fiction of novels. They know each other by heart, love each other and are now growing old together. They lead a sad routine, but this one will quickly take on new colors thanks to the arrival of a young dog, christened Yes. This bears traces of abuse, but still throughout the entire novel Claudia Hunzinguer will never stop advocating the beauty of nature and species.

Claudie Hunzinger won the 2022 Prix Femina for a French novel
Cover of Claudia Hunzinger’s book, Un Chien à ma Table, winner of Prix Femina 2022. © Grasset

Through contagious joy, the animal appears like an epiphany, joyfully shaking up the everyday life of its new owners. The trio then personifies an ode to nature, fantasy, rediscovered intimacy, while juxtaposing the urgency of the world and its protection. The dog at my desk it is presented as a chiaroscuro novel. Prose full of vitality and hope, which entered many literary contests of the year.

Indeed, Claudia Hunzinger’s book was shortlisted for the Renaudot Prize and is also in the running at the Medici award, This year. If the first was finally handed over to Simon Liberati for Performance (Ed. Grasset), the second will be awarded this Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Can Claudie Hunzinger win the double?

Meanwhile, the French writer succeeds Clara Dupont-Monod for her novel under the title S’adapter (Ed. Stock). Finally, it should be noted that the Prix Femina for a foreign novel went to the British Rachel Cusk for Addiction (Ed. Gallimard) in which the writer recounts a closed session between three couples conquered by pride. The Femina Essay Prize was awarded to historian Annette Wieviorka for Tombs, the autobiography of my family (Ed. Seuil), while a special prize for the entire work was awarded to Krzysztof Pomian, the author of the summation in three volumes, Museum, world history (Ed. Gallimard).

The Prix Médicis award will be announced tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8.

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