Clear Channel celebrates 100 years of creativity with a book

Clear Channel celebrates 100 years of creativity with a book

This year Clear Channel France – formerly Dauphin OTA – celebrates its centenary! 100 years of creativity and usefulness! On this occasion, this actor dedicates a book-event to Outdoor Communication, in order to pay tribute to his creativity: At the top of the poster. A true witness to the evolution of society, this book looks at what makes outdoor advertising a medium that sparks imagination and a positive future for the world around us.

“Announcements are a medium of emotions and collectives. By blowing our hundredth candle, we first of all celebrate 100 years of creativity and collective imagination found in our wonderful literary event En haut de l’annonce. But we’re also celebrating 100 years of collective utility, serving communities and brands as well as citizens. », emphasizes Boutina Araki, president of Clear Channel France.

100 Years of Creativity: Inventing and Reinventing Yourself

Clear Channel France celebrates its centenary, an evolution that revolves around the Dauphin company’s foundation and is based on creativity. To commemorate the event and honor creativity, Clear Channel was launched last May Future Prize with Creative House exactly. The competition highlights creative and artistic talents to promote diversity on the street through advertising creations. The candidates worked on a strong social theme that resonates with the centenary: “The difference at the top of the poster”. Artists, creatives, experienced professionals and students let their imaginations run wild.

“What defines a creative campaign above all is its ability to challenge us, play with our emotions, sometimes provoke us, make us think or even warn us. » commented Boutaina Araki.

Recently, the civic media published a dedication book under the title “On top of the poster” (available in bookstores from the Cherche Midi edition). This book, written by Tanguy Demange (journalist specialist in media and advertising) and Pascal Grégoire (more precisely co-founder of la maison Créative), accompanied by Tashi Bharuche, creative director of Clear Channel France, is the result of a joint reflection on the display of advertising over the years. It is also a reflection of all aspects of society, a witness to the evolution of customs.

More than 100 campaigns, 250 illustrations and 20 interviews were created on this occasion. There, the history of the Dauphin is traced with its pioneering and fighting spirit and leadership in management and innovation. The spirit that still makes up the group’s DNA today.

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100 years of utility: a creative platform serving brands and collective utility

Until 2001, Clear Channel was known as Dauphin OTA (Office technique d’Affichage), specializing in large format painted advertising walls and billboards. A historic French player and leader of the modern industry, the Dauphin company truly invented what is still today the basis of OOH (Out Of Home) media.

Since Clear Channel’s acquisition of Dauphin in 1999, Clear Channel has continued to innovate in 2012, strategically shifting around digital, data and content and establishing itself in all places of life, consumption and mobility. The development of DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) enables new increasingly creative approaches with more immediacy, flexibility and customization.

In 2013, Clear Channel France became the first operator to integrate socio-behavioral data to qualify its inventory and systematize performance measurement (CAST)… In the development of its digitization, the group launched in 2022 LaunchPAD, a multi-SSP tool ( Supply-Side-Platform) that enables fine targeting and tracking of campaigns to offer its clients greater autonomy in management, qualification and performance measurement. All its screens in malls, metros and streets are accessible programmatically, making it the only player that can reach the French in all outdoor spaces (street, mobility, shopping).

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Media of the future: creative, useful and interesting

Only in 2020, with the arrival of Boutain Araki as president, Clear Channel France emphasizes its strategic orientation around ecological and solidarity transition and digital with its PlanET plan (Plan for Environment and Technology).

Same as media on the street, Clear Channel has over the years become a platform in the service of brands and a platform of collective utility. A democratic medium, able to reach all citizens in all places of life without distinction, Clear Channel continues to develop infrastructure intended for the general public, such as green shelters for travelers as recently in Bordeaux, and enables local authorities and brands to communicate with citizens and consumers. An affinity that allows it to reach 35 million citizens per week. This is the goal that Clear Channel France seeks to expand and diversify by launching innovative projects aimed at developing new experiences and adapting to new uses.

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“We want to support advertising towards a more inclusive and environmentally friendly discourse, which contributes to the transformation of our society. Advertising can help us face change by creating and supporting new imaginaries. Thanks to its strength and increasingly editorial content, it provokes and raises the awareness of the wider public in the face of new environmental and social challenges.Boutaina says to Araki.

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