Closure of the El Adjwaa TV channel for an “inappropriate scene”

Closure of the El Adjwaa TV channel for an “inappropriate scene”

It is a quick and radical decision that the Algerian television channel El Adjwaa TV has just discovered a few hours after the broadcast of an “uncensored” foreign film.

According to a statement released this Monday, November 14 via the ENTV; the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority (ARAV) decided the “immediate and definitive” closure of the El Adjwaa television channel.

The reason: the Algerian television channel aired an inappropriate scene from an American film. In this “uncensored” passage, El Adjwaa forgot to blur the private parts of an actress.

Known by Algerians for broadcasting the latest “pirated” films; the El Adjwaa channel had somehow replaced “MBC 2” in the broadcasting of foreign films with Arabic subtitles.

Differing opinions on social networks

Broadcast on Sunday evening, the scene deemed inappropriate by the ARAV provoked a wave of denunciation on social networks, thus provoking the “rapid” reaction of the Audiovisual Authority.

But after the announcement of the closure of the TV channel, some Internet users came forward on the networks to support El Adjwaa TV. This caused a divergence, but also some “clashes” in Facebook’s comments.

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