Club illico: Sophie Deraspe in London to promote her next series “The tributaries”

Club illico: Sophie Deraspe in London to promote her next series “The tributaries”

Sophie Deraspe’s next series, “Les affluents”, will be showcased at Content London in two weeks to complete the financial package with international producers and broadcasters.

The director will participate, alongside the executive producer and president of Pixcom, Nicola Merola, in a sales pitch as part of a Hot Properties conference to boost this ambitious environmental thriller whose action will take place from Montreal to the North Shore, through British Columbia and Mexico.

Our television is increasingly radiating internationally and the financing of our series also calls, more than ever, on foreign interests, as was the case for two other Pixcom projects, “La Fault” and “Audrey est revenue”, both available on Club illico.

“The tributaries”, whose writing will be completed at the beginning of 2023 by Sophie Deraspe, does not escape this need to add money from outside our market.

In an interview with QMI Agency, Mr Merola talks about a big business opportunity at Content London, a TV market which includes, in addition to Hot Properties, a series of interviews, panels and tables round.

“We have 15 minutes to ‘pitch’ ‘Les affluents’, with the aim of getting money internationally, to get presales, advances from distributors, to get, so , financial partners”, he summarized on the telephone, Wednesday, while he was in Los Angeles.

The six episodes of “Affluents” should be added to the Club illico offer in 2024, according to what has already been announced. It is about an ambitious series on the environment and justice, in which French will dominate, with touches of English and Spanish.

“It’s the story of a young lawyer who witnesses a murder here in Montreal, which she associates with environmental activism. She investigates it. The environment is a subject beyond borders. Everything is linked, hence the title “The tributaries”. When we affect a river, it flows into another and it comes to affect us all, ”summarized Sophie Deraspe in an interview.

Hailing the “great creator” that is the director of “Antigone”, Nicola Merola wants to allow her to have the means of her ambitions with “The tributaries”. “This series obviously costs more than a usual series taking place in Quebec. There is a large part of this series which is financed, but a part is missing and that is what we are going to look for in London”, said Nicola Merola.

The screenwriter and director, who has just unveiled her “Motel Paradis” series on Club illico, will be participating in Hot Propreties for the second time. The first opportunity was for her “Bête noire” series, but she had to present it in virtual mode, due to the pandemic. This London tribune represents enormous potential, knowing that “Black Beast” now shines in a hundred countries.

“It’s still crazy, it’s our actors and our language that travel like that,” she said.

According to Nicola Merola, we have never talked so much about Quebec series abroad. “There is a ‘momentum’. My goal is for Quebec to become a place in the world where major buyers fight to participate in the financing of our series at Pixcom, but also Quebec series in general, as is the case in Scandinavian countries. .”

Currently, in Pixcom’s offices in Montreal, just in terms of fiction, the team has “about twenty intellectual properties in development”, mainly in French, but also in English. Nicola Merola and her partner, Charles Lafortune, lead a team of 13 producers.

SODEC accompanies around fifteen production houses in the English capital at Content London, which takes place from November 28 to December 1.

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