CNews: A columnist dismissed after controversial remarks? No return announced “for now”

CNews: A columnist dismissed after controversial remarks? No return announced “for now”

It is a skid that is not at all over. On December 27, 2022, Jean-Claude Dassier was present on CNews as a columnist as he has been for ten years. But the former director of LCI and ex-president of Olympique de Marseille this time caused a bad buzz by slipping in a very inappropriate remark during a debate entitled Youth violence: how to say stop? in the show The great team. Jean-Claude Dassier then attacked the Muslim community, saying that “Muslims don’t care about the Republic. They don’t even know what the word means“.

His statements had not been contradicted during the program by his comrades but on the other hand caused a real outcry on social networks. The viewers had even decided to report the problematic sequence to the Authority for the regulation of audiovisual and digital communication (Arcom). And on January 4, the institution seized a member of the Council of State, who was to study a possible sanction.

Pending the verdict, Jean-Claude Dassier has in any case disappeared from the radar. The 81-year-old journalist has not reappeared on CNews since his decried public release. Our colleagues from Puremedia then contacted the channel to try to find out more, which confirmed that its columnist was no longer intervening “for the moment” and “his return is not yet mentioned“. CNews also wished to recall that Jean-Claude Dassier was not an employee but only a columnist, as he was for a time for the broadcasts Time for the pros and Punch. The business manager, for his part, did not wish to react to his situation.

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