Colomiers. New chapter for book promotion

Colomiers. New chapter for book promotion

City Hall has just applied to renew the “My City Loves to Read and Makes People Read” sign to promote the community’s commitment to reading, which it sees as a “great national cause.”

This commitment is reflected in a strong multi-year partnership with the association Lire et faire lire (label attributor to the association of mayors of France), well established in Colomiers, whose volunteers work daily with children. Specifically, they run workshops to raise awareness about books and the joy of reading and listening to stories in early childhood centers, peripheral/out-of-school centers, schools and soon colleges.

Experiences multiply

Experiences of joint actions (joint readings between families and children, volunteer interventions during family open days, etc.) with parents must be established during the current school year.

Municipal services support the work of the association and the holding of reading workshops throughout the year. In addition to this partnership, numerous projects of various educational actors in the area (animators, educators of young children, teachers, cultural mediators, etc.) are being implemented around the book. These projects are also carried out in connection with the Pavillon Blanc Henri-Molina.

The renewal of the label will enable an even stronger anchoring of the initiatives undertaken in the territory of the municipality, within the educational project of the territory, supporting a special connection and partnership with the association Čitaj i čitaj.

The city also participates in literary awards, together with Toulouse Métropole (award for literature for girls and boys) and Unicef ​​(award for literature for young people).

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