Conference “O mirrors, mirrors, tell me who I am?”

Conference “O mirrors, mirrors, tell me who I am?”

Friday, November 18, at 6:30 p.m., on the ground floor of the Joan-Pau-Giné media library, 1 rue de la Paix in Bages, there will be a Brigitte Farines conference called “Mirror o mirror, tell me who I am?” (FREE ADMISSION).

Brigitte Farines, originally from Paris, has lived in Collioure for five years. He is a clinical psychologist, court expert. She is the author of eight books (Édition La sardine): Guest room, Random jackpot, the best lottery catch, The joy of living or the risk of being who you are, I wake up happy tomorrow, Life is such a “party” praise for optimism, Why are whales fat?, Be yourself, others are already busy and “Mirror oh mirror, tell me who I am?.

Brigitte presents her conference: “It will not be a presentation, but above all an exchange with the audience. With the stay, I noticed that my patients ask themselves more and more existential questions. I will propose topics that will provoke reactions. For example, the question will be whether or not you want to change your life? If you have to do under the pressure of those around you? It will be a question of self-empathy, of knowing who we are and what we are like in the world”. Brigitte Farines writes novels and books about personal development. It explains the differences in approach. “A novel provides answers to existential questions or emotional management because it allows you to step back as if you were watching a play. A personal development book provides a method to follow with goals to achieve. We are in self-evaluation. If you don’t feel good, that’s because that we did not apply the method well. This kind of meets the expectations of the public who are looking for instructions for use, recipes for application.” At the end of the conference, he will sign his books.

Contact: 06 80 25 26 55.

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