Controversy around Ferre Gola’s ”Dynastie” album: Gaspard Love decides!

Controversy around Ferre Gola’s ”Dynastie” album: Gaspard Love decides!

Gaspard Love, sound engineer and Congolese music columnist finally spoke out on the controversy surrounding the “Dynasty” album project, initiated by Ferre Gola, which should bring together the former musicians of Wenge Musica Maison Mère, in particular on the recent statements by Bill Clinton and Celeo Scram.

Indeed, without going through the back of the spoon, the engineer of the emblematic ”Ndiaye” studio has now presented Ferre Gola as the owner of the project, capable of inviting anyone and deciding 90% on the substance and form aspect of this album.

“The Dynasty album is not that of the former Wenge. This is Ferre Gola’s album. He simply invited his colleagues from Wenge Maison-Mère to join his project. He is free to integrate whatever he wants. Even also his old friends from Latin Quarter as he did. After Bill Clinton’s intervention, I really agree with Ferre Gola. Besides, he had launched the first part without them. Seeing how well that album has sold so far, people like Bill Clinton were going to stir up trouble and then say it’s because of them. It’s a shame, because Ferre has simply shown that he has a big heart.

According to the former host of the TV show Studio Maximum, Monsignor Dangwe literally ignored the difference between a personal album and one produced by a group of friends after leaving a given orchestra or backing band.

“I have never seen someone as successful as Jesus of Shades in the Democratic Republic of Congo initiate a project to wake up others too. Neither Werrason nor Koffi Olomide even less JB Mpiana, no one had done it before. We have to congratulate him and ask him to go all the way instead of trying to discourage him,” he concluded.

Moreover, the declaration of this specialist in sound and studio mixing, was strongly commented on the web, dividing the Wengemen into two parts. For some, these remarks were conceived as gospel, knowing that its author is credible and impartial in his positions. On the other hand, others have treated Gas, of flattering and of being close to the leader of the Jet 7 orchestra.

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