Cookbook for “Les Fines Goules” from Blayais

Cookbook for “Les Fines Goules” from Blayais

The lively association des Pays de Bresse et du Blayais adds a layer of that by offering their new practical and consistent regional recipe book for our greatest pleasure.

This group of bon vivants, very serious when it comes to good cuisine, tickles our taste buds with their new recipes (120 in total) in which tasty and light dishes go with traditional cuisine that sometimes returns, like these juicy turkey cutlets with Blayaise… with white wine. Friends of the Bresse association are not to be missed because they respect the products of their region, such as the recipe for Bresse chicken with cream. The best recipes from their first edition in 2004 are also reproduced in this book.

Recipes with local flavors

More substantial than the first edition published in 2004, “with a practical-practical format in A5”, as Véronique Richard smiles, this work allows the good cook to have this very useful manual for spirals with washable pages at hand on the kitchen plan. This “almost alphabetic” book keeps itself professionally speaking and adds some historical details such as the cassoulet (“invented” during the Hundred Years’ War) or cooking and storage tips.

The Fine Goules assembled in the commission did not lack for self-sacrifice, testing and trying each dish like master chefs before giving their precious assent of “Tasted and approved.” Equal parts of women and men showed their knowledge. For Chantal Kosk, president of AP2B, her husband Stefan cooked sausages with red wine from Blaye. When will there be a culinary event at Maison des Vins? Every amateur chef has given away their trade secrets, like red wine berry syrup or family recipes like thorn liqueur. 500 copies were printed and it represents a pure product made solo in the time of Covid. “The hardest part was choosing among the recipes, there were plenty of suggestions. We took only the best. summarizes Thierry Bodin. In any case, Blayaise and Bressanne cuisine gives its best through this edition. Two regions, two really different terroirs succeeded in their symbiosis for the greatest taste happiness of all. This recipe booklet, which is sold at the Jaufré Rudel bookstore (from December 7) or on deposit at the Abeille insurance company on Rabolte square behind the town hall or on the association’s Facebook page, is a great holiday gift. A modern AP2B party is prepared before, during or after Christmas.

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