Coppola’s new sci-fi film expands its cast even further

Coppola’s new sci-fi film expands its cast even further

The cast of Megalopolisthe future science fiction film directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is getting even bigger.

Many filmmakers dream of ending up like John Huston, giving birth to a work that is particularly close to their hearts (for Huston, it was Dublin People) and hoping he becomes one of the best of their careers (and Huston certainly did, though many sadly didn’t see it). And precisely, for Francis Ford Coppola, the dream of realizing megalopolis, a project that he has had in his heart for years and with crazy ambition becomes clearer every day.

While Coppola will use revolutionary technology for the feature film, the excess does not only concern the technical part. Indeed, the five-star cast impresses as for the previous films of the filmmaker who in the past directed Al Pacino, Marlon Brando or Gene Hackman. This time, Adam Driver, Forest Whitaker, Nathalie Emmanuel or Jon Voight will star in Megalopolis. And it’s not over, since this cast continues to grow, always with prestigious names, starting with veteran and Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman.

Alert, Dustin Hoffman joins Megalopolis

The actor, aged 85, and whose last appearances have not left an imperishable memory (except the honest film by Noah Baumbach, The Meyerowitz stories) joins the project of one of the sacred monsters of the seventh art still alive. The interpreter of rain man and of little big man will be directed for the first time by the director.

In addition, Coppola enlists the services of other talented actors and actresses: Chloe Fineman (who has a small role in Damien Chazelle’s next feature film, Babylon), Isabelle Kusman seen in Licorice Pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson and DB Sweeney (who worked with Coppola on the occasion of stone gardens) will mentor debutant Bailey Ives.

The Godfather: photoThe Godfather, another parquet floor of illustrious names led by Coppola

While the filmmaker’s blockbuster has not started filming, Megalopolis already impresses with announcements as insane as the intention of its author. Coppola will once again oversee a host of talented stars as in The Godfather, Dracula Where Apocalypse now. And we hope that this will be the opportunity to prove once again that he is not only a formidable storyteller, but that he is also a fabulous director of actors.

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