“Cortisone and codeine”: Isabelle Adjani suffering on the set of C à vous (ZAPTV)

“Cortisone and codeine”: Isabelle Adjani suffering on the set of C à vous (ZAPTV)

This Monday evening, France 2 broadcasts the series Diana of Poitiersdirected by Josée Dayan and starring Isabelle Adjani. Guest on the set of It’s up to you to promote it, the actress appeared masked and gloved, in a very small form.

This Monday, November 7, Isabelle Adjani returns to the small screen. It embodies Diana of Poitiers in the mini-series of the same name, directed by Josée Dayan. On this occasion, a few minutes before the broadcast of the first episode, the actress and the director were invited to It’s up to you on France 5. The actress, very proud to be singlethen appeared with a mask that couldn’t hide his tired face. A surprising appearance for the one who declared, a few days ago in Entertainment TVdo not havenever been better“in his life only at age 67.

We are very happy to receive you, even if you are a little unwell, dear Isabellewhich explains why you are hidden tonight“, immediately specified Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, welcoming her guest. Gabriel Kane’s motherborn of her relationship with Daniel Day-Lewisthen confirmed that she was not at her best and explained her health problems.

Isabelle Adjani under treatment to promote her series

I tried to stay with Diane’s colors which are black and white“, she first pointed out, showing her mask, letting her raspy voice be heard. “Because of a little suspicion of bronchiolitis, even though I’m no longer a baby, I find myself on cortisone, codeine to pass the show“, she continued.

Nevertheless, Isabelle Adjani wanted to go to the set to discuss this series, which is very important to her. “It’s true that I feel very very good in period costumes, I love the frescoes, I love the intimacy of another century […] If we believe in past lives, in my opinion I must have been repudiated queencourtesan, little servant, I had to go back and forth between Versailles and the Renaissance“, she indicated. As for Josée Dayan, she would not have carried out this project without Isabelle Adjani. According to her, the actress and the historical figure have for commonalities of beings”mysterious, intelligent and very beautiful. For her, Diane de Poitiers was Isabelle or nobody!

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