Cosnoise publishes a book on traveler culture to dispel preconceived notions

Cosnoise publishes a book on traveler culture to dispel preconceived notions

“I am a girl of the wind, although I have not traveled, but my origin is there. »
Always a sedentary person, Line Glonin wanted to fight the discrimination against this part of the population in her own way at the time of her retirement.

She adapted to be accepted

And to return to the trip, she traveled whose family is represented on the cover of her book (a photo from almost a hundred years ago). Now retired after a career that began at the age of sixteen, she says, “I’ve worked all my life. In order to be accepted, I had to adapt, hide this side of my life, my family”. Many know her as a postwoman.

“It’s time for them to find out who I am. I suffered so much because I was afraid that they would judge me…” She was afraid, in fact, that she was not entrusted with the responsibilities she had, because she comes from a family of travelers. She insists: “I’ve always been honest,” continuing, “we shouldn’t stigmatize. Among passengers, as everywhere in society, there are good and less good”.

“There should be no stigma. With travelers, as everywhere in society, there are good and bad. »

Glonin line (empty)

In his book, “the first and certainly the last”, Cosnoise deepens this traveler culture by dealing with several main themes: family, proverbs, fair art, music, respect, freedom… Not to mention the point of contemporary history, the extermination by the Nazis. She found a good collaboration with the Parisian cooperative publishing house (Collection Le Parc), which printed the book locally, in Clamecy.

In the fight against stigmatization, he leads the Facebook group Culture of Travelers, and for five years he has been choosing another way of artistic expression, painting. Self-taught, she creates paintings that represent the everyday scenes of this itinerant life. Almost 200 canvases are, unfortunately, stored in a small room, due to lack of exhibition space. Notice for amateurs.

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AppropriateThe book is on sale at Les Petites Herbes de Nouchka, rue Maréchal-Leclerc, in Cosne, run by the author’s daughter.

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