Couples: Here’s the best way to get over a breakup, according to experts

Couples: Here’s the best way to get over a breakup, according to experts

A breakup is never easy. Both for the person left but also for the one who makes the decision to separate, both parties suffer. If sometimes the distance allows you to take control of your life, sometimes it is very difficult to overcome a breakup. A pain that lasts for weeks, disrupting everyday life. But can we manage to overcome this difficult ordeal more quickly? Yvon Dallaire, psychologist and sexologist (author of Heal from a heartache, ed. Jouvence) became interested in this subject. Firstly, this expert returns to the notion of ” heartache “. “We often think that we can only experience heartache when we are left, yet the latter “concerns both the person left and the one who initiated the breakup”.

Expert advice for overcoming a breakup

So can we really recover more easily from a heartbreak? “When my companion left me, after 4 years of living together, my first instinct was to dazzle myself with outings to forget him more quickly,” recalls Eloïse, 31, for Health Magazine. “But after a few months, I collapsed, as if I realized, after the fact, my grief. I then preferred to consult a shrink to help me recover.

Once you have verbalized your painit is important to realize that we have succeeded in taking a first step. Indeed, thanks to this awareness, you will be able to move forward. “We may then feel the desire to live differently, to start from scratch, to change our look or apartment, to open up to new hobbies, new friendships and in love. Once the pain is over, we take advantage of this transition period to have fun, do the things we love, find good self-esteem. The goal? To develop a sufficiently fulfilling and independent life so as not to expect our next lover to fill in our gaps”.

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