crackdown intensifies on illegal streaming, dozens of sites to shut down in 2023

crackdown intensifies on illegal streaming, dozens of sites to shut down in 2023

The ACE is a corporation that uses all legal means at its disposal to fight against piracy. It not only targets sellers and operators of pirate IPTV boxes and mobile applications, but above all websites promoting illegal streaming.

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ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) is a global coalition of businesses whose goal is to fight piracy that harms “this thriving ecosystem”. Participating companies range from Disney, HBO, netflixSony Pictures, Canal + via Apple TV + or the BBC. Whether they create content or distribute it, these companies are primarily concerned by the problem of pirate streaming.

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This alliance communicates little about the means it brings into play and the results it manages to achieve in its fight against pirate IPTV boxes and other illegal streaming sites. By analyzing the recent convictions of operators of illegal platforms and other resellers of boxes, the TorrentFreak specialists have nevertheless managed to deduce some statistics attesting to theeffectiveness of the methods employed by the corporation.

More than 40 pirate streaming sites could disappear in 2023

According to the site, in December 2022 alone, the ACE would have managed to close or make cease activity of 40 to 50 domains illegally distributing protected content. After various cross-checks, the journalists even conclude thatin five years of activity, the organization would have managed to put an end to 600 domains of this type. Due toa hacker site taken out of harm’s way every three dayswe can say that the employees of the company are not unemployed. And the pace of prosecution is not likely to slow down.

Although ACE also targets box vendors and IPTV service operators, illegal streaming sites remain the main targets of legal action brought by the corporation. The subpoena sent to the hosts states that “the purpose is to learn the identities of individuals assigned to websites that have exploited CAOT members’ exclusive rights to their copyrighted films without their permission.” You can consult the complete list of targeted sitess in the TorrentFreak post.

Source : TorrentFreak

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