Cransac. Autograph of Patrick Fréjaville –

Cransac. Autograph of Patrick Fréjaville –

A native of Cransac, the author Patrick Fréjaville will sign his book “Enigmes et Gourmandises” on Sunday, December 18 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Presse Romero tobacconist.

“I spent my entire childhood in Cransac where part of my family still lives. I went to school there until college, before I went to high school in Villefranche and Rodez. My professional career sent me to other horizons, but I always remain attached to your “pool”.

How did you start writing? “I always liked to read, whether it was about great authors or contemporaries, and from reading I switched to writing 5-6 years ago”.

Is this your first book? “No, I published 2 short stories “Destiny” both focused on the pool and its surroundings. The first is a young orphan whose heart swings between the vineyard and mine, and the second is a friendship between a miner by coincidence and his horse. On the other hand “Riddles and Treats” is really my first big book”.

What category will you put it in? “A novel focused on the territory and drawing the line between culinary, heritage and human discoveries. In a way, it pays tribute to the territory.

What is plot? “It’s the year 1900 and a grocer from Bordeaux is contacted by a notary public, because he might be a possible heir to a great fortune. To do this, he has to solve several puzzles. He decides to deal with it and goes to the country of Aveyron, specifically the Lot valley and the mining area of ​​Cransac… Where will they get to know gastronomy, local history, heritage and colorful characters… Will they inherit that wealth?

The answer is in the book.”

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