Criticized and divided, Goncourt (again) enters the zone of turbulence

Criticized and divided, Goncourt (again) enters the zone of turbulence

While the last winner, Brigitte Giraud, experienced disappointing sales, the jury openly showed its disagreement. Another scandal for the controversial Goncourt?

Placed on the round table of the Drouant restaurant, some hot files await the members of the Goncourt academy during their first meeting of the year, several times postponed, which should take place on Monday, January 16. There will be only nine of them, one of the ten academics, Patrick Rambaud, who in December announced his withdrawal from the jury for health reasons. The choice of his replacement will not be the only item on the agenda – and perhaps not even the most thorny. The United Academy will have to choose its new office as well, in an atmosphere that is anything but quiet, judging by the internal disagreements that the distinguished assembly publicly expressed during the fall.

The psychodrama culminated on November 3, on the day announcement of the winner’s name in 2022Brigitte Giraud, who received the most prestigious — and most prescriptive — French literary award for live fast. “A small book, where there are no letters”, complained in the trial on RTL Tahar Ben Jelloun, dissociating himself from the collision with the jury to which he belongs. We also learned that he is not the only one who is unhappy, that half of the Academy would rather give another laureate (in this case Giuliano da Empoli for Magician of the Kremlin), which is why the author attributed her victory only to the decision of President Didier Decoin to use her double vote after fourteen rounds of voting.

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