criticized on his physique, the thinned star evokes “a blow of a club”

criticized on his physique, the thinned star evokes “a blow of a club”

Revealed in “Popstars” in 2002, at the age of 19, Chimène Badi recounts how she faced criticism related to her physique in an interview with “Yahoo! Entertainment”. Today transformed by a significant weight loss, she feels good in her sneakers.

Revealed in season 2 of pop starsChimène Badi was only 19 when she first appeared on television. The singer loses against the group Whatfor but will come out a winner all the same because her solo career takes off and she sees the media whirlwind set in motion. Asked by Yahoo! Entertainment on the occasion of the release of his new album Chimene sings Piafshe returned to the beginnings of her career. In particular on his relationship to his physique.

Chimène Badi and her physique: facing criticism and mockery

At 19, she claims not to have been “spared”. For the first time in her life, she faces the “judgement”. There are magazine covers where they are not necessarily nice to me, where they attack me on a physical. And there, for me, it’s a blow because I don’t have the lucidity in my head at all to tell myself that I’m going to go through all that.” Chimene Badi describes herself as “different”.I’m not in the mold at the moment. I have nothing to do with what we usually see.” At that time, Chimène Badi was a young woman with curves, glasses and a not very young look. But, very quickly, with the success of the tube Between usit begins a first transformation.

Chimène Badi: confidences on the setbacks of celebrity

Today, the 40-year-old singer – who has just revealed his separation with his companion Julien – is delighted to see the times and mores evolve. “It’s easy to bump into a kid and talk about her looks, because you can’t talk about anything else. I’m happy because today is different.” The interpreter of I come from the south evokes the Hoshi controversy: the journalist Fabien Lecoeuvre had tackled the physique of the young singer on the radio. He lamented the lack of “handsome guys” and of “beautiful girls” in the landscape of the French variety. “You put a poster of Hoshi in your room, you? he had launched, without filter. But she is scary. (…) She is great but she gives her songs to sublime girls. What trigger a real controversy, in 2021. “A whole thing happened behind that I would have liked to have had at that time”Chimene Badi pointed out to Yahoo.

A real ordeal for the young woman of the time who was “overexposed”. “I don’t expect it at all”she launches to the cameras. “I’m going to do these promos, these TV shows, I’m everywhere… I don’t have a free day for me. I don’t see my family or my friends anymore. I’m more and more alone, and that’s hard.A painful memory, despite the musical success.

Chimène Badi slimmed down: this before / after noticed by her fans and the general public

And if the physique of his debut was talked about, his new silhouette is still making headlines. Indeed, Chimène Badi has lost many pounds. Her latest appearances on TV as she defends her new album on Piaf have not gone unnoticed.

How did she lose weight? Chimène Badi had agreed to talk about it in 2020 at the microphone of Sing France. “There was confinement, we said to ourselves, we have to be careful otherwise it’s going to be a disaster, I want to reverse the trend (…) and then there was time to take care of yourself, things that I’m not used to having (…) I said to myself: ‘I’m going to play sports, I’m going to take care of myself.’ I got into some pretty good eating habits and learned how to eat right again“, she had then confided.

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