criticized on social media, Robin gives his version of the facts after passing through the Interdite Zone on cosmetic surgery (VIDEO)

criticized on social media, Robin gives his version of the facts after passing through the Interdite Zone on cosmetic surgery (VIDEO)

Digital influence is increasingly a part of our daily lives, and has been for several years, especially since the explosion of social networks that have become essential. And some influential people, followed by millions of subscribers, have no qualms about defending certain practices or even controversial investments. Not to mention the retouched photos that abound on these networks, which distort reality, sometimes even among very young Internet users. Some personalities use to cosmetic surgery, and they practice it regularly, recording themselves with their phones. A pernicious influence on the young audience.

The restricted zone was interested in cosmetic surgery abuses

This topic was the subject of a report in Prohibited area, this Sunday, January 15. In this research, we followed several girls and men who wanted to change certain physical details at any cost in order to correct a “error” which they find disturbing. In order to achieve this, they are not afraid to use cosmetic surgery to look like influencers on social networks. IN Addiction to the perfect body: the scandalous excesses of aesthetic medicineteams Prohibited area sought to warn against these practices which are considered abusive. This report it caused numerous reactions, especially on Twitter. We were also able to discover Robin, presented as an influencer and who would have already undergone several operations at only 21 years old. However, after the broadcast of the show, the young man announced himself, on January 16 at TPMP.

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“I was seen as a hyper-superficial influencer from Dubai”

I am deceived“, he begins. Before the details: “They approached me because I’m an actor, I’m also a business manager and I’m also an influencer on social networks, and they approached me and said ‘Robin at only 20 years old, you’ve already done a lot of things, we’d like to know more about your life’, so they they came to my shop (…) they came to film me (…) we went to a luxury perfumery, where the perfumery offered perfumes for 1500 euros, they didn’t put any of that on the cameraman, the journalists, me, Robin continued. “Since I was fifteen years old, I have been on the show intermittently, so that I can tell young people, to give them strength, but in fact, no way, I found myself in a show that is already called Scandaleuses drifts.. “, laments the young entrepreneur. “I went to this disastrous show, I was made to look like a super superficial influencer from Dubai, who was restored four times, but four times had circumcision and tonsils; that, we didn’t say that, they made me pass as a guy who had to repeat it 4 times (…) They come to criticize me”snaps Robin, visibly angry.

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