Cyclocross. Steve Chainel opens his book of memories

Cyclocross. Steve Chainel opens his book of memories

Steve Chainel’s other areas of activity

With the end of racing activity, which was already severely reduced when he left professional waters in 2015, Steve Chainel will keep the two hats he wears. First, there is the media consultant mission that he has learned to tame since 2016 at Eurosport: “I quit for a year. I am a freelancer. At first I didn’t think I would do it. In retrospect, it’s a golden opportunity that finally suits me well. »
“Be serious without taking yourself seriously”

True to the image he sends, Steve Chainel managed to find the right balance between relaxation and expertise with his collaborator Jacky Durand: “You have to be honest. On the road there is 95% of the time when objectively not much happens, but there is 5% where you have to be very good at feeling things out and having an impact at the right time when things settle. I work to always be alert. I am very fulfilled. The idea is to be serious without taking yourself seriously with Jacky. »

At the same time, Vosgien will always be in the leading sphere of the formation of Cross Team Legendre, which he helped set on the right path and give it momentum: “It is clear that our goal is to seek the national title in cyclo-cross. We also have a customized program on the road. Then I will no longer be in the coaching business because I will no longer have the function of a runner.

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